Tuition and Fees

The following information is valid for the 2018-2019 academic year.


Grade Level Annual Payment Trimester Payments Monthly Payments
Pre-K3 (2 half days) $2,555 N/A $282
Pre-K3 (3 half days) $3,188 N/A $350
Pre-K3 (5 half) $3,667 N/A $402
Pre-K3 (3 full days) $3,667 N/A $402
Pre-K3 (5 full days) $5,830 N/A $642
Pre-K4 VPK Wrap (5 full days) $460 monthly (includes PM snack)
Grades K-2 (Lower School) $6,400 $2,283 $704
Grades 3-8 (Upper School) $6,763 $2,412 $745
Before or After School Care N/A $85 monthly
Before and After School Care N/A $160 monthly

Explanation of Fees

None of us like hidden costs, so we’ve taken the time to explain the breakdown of registration fees you will pay at Discovery Academy.  All fees are paid annually and are non-refundable.

  • Application Fee: A $55 application fee will be assessed at the time of your annual application.
  • Enrollment Fee: For Pre-Kindergarten parents, a $185 enrollment fee will be assessed to reserve your child’s spot. For Lower School parents (Grades K-2), the fee is $225. For Upper School parents, the fee is $265.
  • Testing Fee: A $55 yearly standardized testing fee will be assessed for all Lower and Upper School students.
  • School Information System Fee: This $30 annual fee is assessed for all students and provides an online gradebook, streamlined parent/teacher communication, and much more.

Total Annual Registration Fees by Grade

Pre-K/VPK Wrap: $265

K-2 (Lower School): $365

3-8 (Upper School): $405

Tuition Payment Plans

We offer three tuition payment options for your convenience: Annual, Trimester and Monthly.

  • Full Annual payment: Payment due on second day of school year.  No finance charge will be assessed on annual payments.
  • Trimester payments: Payments due on the second day of each trimester.  A 7% finance charge will be added to trimester payments.
  • Monthly payments: Payments due by first Tuesday of each month.  Monthly payments will incur a 10% finance charge.

Before and After School Care

Before school care hours are from 7:30am-8:30am. After school care hours are 2:30pm (Grades K-2) or 3:30pm (Grades 3-8) until 5:30pm.

Multiple-child discount

If you are enrolling more than one child, a 5% discount for each additional child’s tuition (excluding the first child) will be assessed.

Financial Responsibility

Once the enrollment contract has been signed and the registration fee has been paid, the family is obligated to pay the full tuition and applicable fees for the entire academic year even if the student is voluntarily withdrawn or dismissed from the school. Records will not be forwarded to another school until all financial obligations have been satisfied.

All tuition payments must be made in advance. For each day your payment is late, a $10/day late fee will be charged to your account. Consistent late payments will incur additional fees and/or your child may face dismissal from Discovery Academy.