The word “discovery” brings to mind the basis for exploration, change, and growth, for nowhere else in the area, public or private, can you find such a unique blend of academics, creative expression, and an eclectic and individualized curriculum. The focus is to help students set goals, develop pride in their accomplishments, and to understand and appreciate their connection and interdependence with all living things.Messages Image(1929400183)

Unfortunately, for far too many, education has come to mean something that is merely forced upon them between the ages of five and twenty-five and then their success in education is measured merely in terms of test scores on exams and on the criterion of a diploma or degree. Our preference is to inspire and to instill an intrinsic motivation to learn rather than pressure to perform, yet interestingly, our comprehensive, interconnected curriculum also leads to excellent test scores and higher self-esteem. This pride is felt as you enter the school, as it only takes a few minutes to see and feel the unique difference in the atmosphere at Discovery Academy.